Danilo Aprigliano

Grillarie and DiPietrarie

Primaries, Parliamentary elections, Berlusconi elections, Prison elections, ... The well-known journalist Marcio Grillaglio, during the talk show Populist Service, intervenes on the issue, but forgets (how is it possible!?) those concerning his favorite political parties: the Grillarie and the DiPietrarie. Let's try to fix it ourselves.

So, Grillarie are those elections which consist in having a group of people vote online (without ballots because otherwise it ends up becoming a real vote). GGENT who opens Beppe Grillo's blog every day at the same time, bends over a carpet and, facing the PC, first recites a Our house that you are in the skies and subsequently, like a mantra, the fuck you: those little prayers, that is, in which a politician is named and colorful types of gratuitous insults are addressed to him, in an ordered series. Once the ritual is over, from the screen, the comedian's voice can be heard who, before concluding with the age-old «ite missa est», addresses the users with prophetic words: «mine is a democratic movement; whoever doesn't think so, then take it and get the hell out. He goes away".

DiPietrarie, on the other hand, are those elections during which Di Pietro and his wife put photos of said houses online The houses of values and every user is invited to click I like on the most beautiful. The Azzecchi couple, having evaluated the results, take the values (in banknotes or checks directly issued by the State in the form of financing) and register the houses in question in the name of the party; in the meantime, DiPi, having donned his toga, delights in throwing sentences, when he doesn't have any coins, against the Democratic Party. On other occasions, instead of houses, the "valiant" judge with clean hands puts photos of some DiPietristi parliamentarians (called Scilipotini) and invites users to elect those to be officially nominated Paid supporters of falling Berlusconi governments.