Danilo Aprigliano

Author, Teacher and Web & Digital Humanities Specialist.

After obtaining a PhD in Romance Philology, I returned to teaching Italian and history in secondary schools and acquired a master's degree in Public History, focusing on digital humanities and on the investigation and dissemination of information on fascism and the Resistance. Currently, in addition to teaching, I work with the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation in the web and digital education sector, and I am co-founder and editor of the cultural magazine Galapagos.

Between 2020 and 2021, I wrote episodes for podcast series Urban Demons is My story products from The Listenables and have collaborated with Radio Scrambler for Ducati. In 2019, I participated in the creation of exhibitions on fascism and historical digital exhibits for the Feltrinelli Foundation.

During my career, I have carried out research in the field of medieval and 20th century studies, editing two books dedicated to Mino Martinazzoli is Guido Artom; and realizing a multimedia editorial project on Green Flames and their newspaper The rebel.


Writer and author of podcast episodes and series at The Listenables. In particular, My story, Urban demons, Folco Files

Other projects and collaborations

Author for some programs and episodes.

Author, copywriter and permanent collaborator.

Podcast author and copywriter

Collaborator and author

Collaborator for editorial and web departments. In particular for the realization of digital exhibitions.

Exhibition March 23, 1919 by prof. Antonino De Francesco

Author for the promotional campaign Let's call each other by name.


The autonomous formations in the Italian resistance

Essay: Roberto Tagliani, Danilo Aprigliano, The Green Flames of Brescia. From "the rebel" to the battles of Mortirolo

Guido Artom, Yiddishe Mamma. Fragments of life

Edited by Danilo Aprigliano and Giuditta Grechi Preface by Moni Ovadia

Another idea of Lombardy

Foreword by Enrico Letta. Curated by Roberto Tagliani and Danilo Aprigliano

Green Flames

Website. Texts and production by Danilo Aprigliano. Historical supervision of Rolando Anni and Roberto Tagliani.

The rebel

Site created and edited by Danilo Aprigliano


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