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Jacques Prévert Les enfants qui s'aiment Jacques Prévert was born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, near Paris, in 1900. Passionate about reading and theater since his adolescence, in 1926 he joined the artistic and literary movement of Surrealism, which valued the dream and the unconscious as fundamental aspects of artistic production. Around 1930 he began his theatrical activity,

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The following pages are taken from the final part of the novel “The Ashkenazi Brothers” by Israel J. Singer, a Polish-Jewish author who lived between 1893 and 1944. It is a chapter dedicated to the Lviv pogrom of November 1918 by Polish legionnaires and Ukrainian civilians. We are at the end of the First World War, Germany has been defeated, the Russian Empire has fallen apart and Poland can finally assert itself as a nation. For this reason it contends with Ukraine for some territories.

From the self-determination of peoples to ultra-nationalist violence, however, the step is short, and the Jews, often experienced as a foreign body ensnared in the national body, are the first to pay the price, especially when looking for a scapegoat or wanting to vent repressed violence. This is how we move from nationalistic passion to anti-Semitic carnage.

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Dumas restored

The count of montecristo di Dumas corrected and restored in a new translation of Einaudi.

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Evil authors

A perfect novel of anguish brought to the big screen by Clouzot but which Alfred Hitchcock would have liked to have been able to shoot too.

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The instinct to narrate

The role of narration in the evolution of man. For Gottschall, fiction constructs meanings and visions of the world and religions represent the maximum expression of this

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The mud pyramid

The now 64-year-old Salvo Montalbano is no longer what he used to be. The shots are starting to fail and - let's say - he is getting quite dumb. On the other hand, it has been filling novels and short stories since 1994 and joining Camilleri's historical and political literature. And then, let's face it, when the

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The 80% of the Italians would not understand this article

If a more complex society requires more knowledge, Italy is in really bad shape. Three quarters of the population cannot even read the washing machine instructions. While only the 20% of adults can understand texts of medium difficulty and therefore orient themselves in contemporary society. In the life of contemporary society; not in his problems. Let me be clear.

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