The episodes and series of which I am or have been the author

We know only the name of Klaus because German law forbids disclosing the surname of a person sentenced to life imprisonment. Those who have worked with him don't know much more: it seems that his voice was not even known, he was so shy and reserved.

A worker for 35 years in a German metal components company, Klaus slowly poisons all his colleagues by sprinkling lead acetate powder (the Romans once used it as a sweetener) on their food. Dozens get seriously ill to the kidneys and some are reduced like vegetables. A 26-year-old young man died in 2020 after four years of an unexplained neurovegetative coma. When, finally, the solution to the case is reached, the police find a plausible explanation for the approximately 21 deaths that occurred in the same office in the previous 20 years…

Ed Gein is the man who inspired the characters of Buffalo Bill and Leatherface. He also looks a lot like Norman Bates, but it seems that Robert Bloch worked mostly on imagination, with the little he knew about the case. He lived fifty kilometers from the Plainfield butcher: maybe there was something in the air.

When Ed is arrested, in his house in total disorder and decay, a vertebral column used as a lamp, a belt made from human nipples, a basket and a drum in human skin, some skulls on the head of Gein's bed, nine masks are found. made from human skin, a child's skull transformed into a bowl for broth, an armchair with arms instead of armrests, numerous vases containing noses and vaginas in alcohol and, finally, numerous dresses made with women's skin. The only room that is found in perfect order and without any macabre relics is that of the mother Augusta, who died twelve years earlier.

San Severo, Puglia. Antonio Festa is a small agricultural entrepreneur whose land runs along State Road 16, a place of transit for goods, prostitution and malfeasance. Every day he finds himself a spectator of scenes that conflict with his principles. For this reason he is no longer able to pretend nothing has happened and for this he finds himself becoming a friend of the Carabinieri Marshal. He also makes friends with Fatimah, who arrived in Italy with the dream of a better existence and forced by the racket to lead a life.
One day, at the end of February 2020, the SARS-CoV-2 virus arrives and Antonio no longer has seasonal workers for work in the countryside. Your business is at risk.
So, with the support of his children and the complicity of the marshal, he tries to set up an extraordinary legality operation. By involving Fatimah, he manages to get the exploited prostitutes and illegal immigrants to work as seasonal workers in the countryside. Only, however, Antonio is too late to deal with the underworld ...

Santiago of Chile. Alfonso Cubillos is a young high school student in the last year of school before university. He lives near plaza Italia, a symbolic place for student protests against a discriminating system for social classes. He does not want to participate in the university entrance exams, which generates distinctions for social classes. At home there is much talk of his uncle, Enrique, who disappeared from the time of General Pinochet. But he never knew him. For this, and for his beliefs, he decides to call himself after him, with the name of his mother, who was his sister. Cubillos in fact. In January, the protest led by Alfonso together with other students is successful. The admission test is canceled. And a permanent garrison is organized in Plaza Italia. But to help the government of President Pinera comes an ally they never would have imagined: a virus imposes quarantine on all the inhabitants of Santiago and suffocates all protests. Piazza Italia is evacuated and Pinera takes a selfie with his escort, stirring up the protest even more. Alfonso is at home blocked by a curfew, so dear to those who govern Chile. But he decides to protest the same, He agrees with his companions, generates protests online, opens a protest page on instagram. It even forces the education minister to resign.

While Folco is in Calabria for a conference, he is involved in a murky affair that came to light after the death of a girl during an operation for appendicitis. As in the Oedipus tragedy, understanding who is responsible and why is by no means immediate. Everything looks different than it should be. Folco seems to be groping in the dark. But thanks to the help of Caterina, a young lawyer with a decisive and morally upright temperament, she is able to slowly unravel the problem and show how, from a legal point of view, precise responsibilities can be identified.

Antonietta Mariani works as a nurse in Genoa. One day, in the emergency room of the hospital, a man who knows and who has severe pain in the rectum and stomach shows up. However, he does not want to say what causes them. The nurse then decides to call the man's wife to find out what it is and to be able to save the patient's life. The procedure is successful but Ms. Mariani finds herself sued for violation of privacy. For this he decides to turn to Folco Scuderi. The risk manager is involved in a case that is much richer in psychological and social implications than he expected.

Alberto Gregori is diagnosed with a thymus tumor: there is no chance of survival. However, there is the possibility of living better the short time left with a rather delicate operation. The patient decides to undergo it but dies a few days later without understanding what the direct cause of death is: the operation or the tumor? His brother wants justice and wants to call the doctors to criminalize what happened.