Danilo Aprigliano

Diversity and multiculturalism. Notes for an election program

Self xenophobia is fear of the different have been the masters of political thought in recent years, theagenda we would like writing starts from words like diversity, school, integration, respect, culture, openness, religions (plural).

There diversity it no longer has to be an opponent, but a value.

Focusing on training and on one widespread culture you can acquire the respect for plurality as a daily practice.

A first simple example is offered to us by school, where the obligatory teaching of the Catholic religion takes away space for dialogue and plurality, of which our schools are increasingly rich. And the potential that could be offered by the choice, affirmed by the update of the 1985 State-Church Concordat, not to make use of this teaching, and instead to take advantage of a alternative subject, you hate support in individual or group study, are not exploited as they should, either due to lack of funds or due to inattention and disinterest of politics – which is reflected in the school programs – towards other religions other than the Catholic one, and towards the themes ofinterculture.

In other European countries, where there is also the obligation to teach religion, much more value is given to alternative choices, for example by activating citizenship education, philosophy, religions, ethics and world cultures.

Then looking at society as a whole, those complexes could be managed social phenomena linked to immigration, and prevent very violent and problematic situations of friction, taking care to guarantee more places of worship and suitable places of worship to the requests of the different religious communities that populate our Region, rejecting prejudices and employing rationality is common sense.

Indifference is intolerance with which we have witnessed the arrival of thousands of people in recent years, has led to the formation of free zones of which we know nothing - in what conditions people live, how the apartments are rented, if the children go to school, ... - and in which abandonment and degradation reign. From the powder kegs of violence and anger, in short, of desperation, poverty and loneliness.

For this reason it is necessary to develop thinking and planning that make school the half through which to offer these people and their children the possibility of cultural advancement and through which to create multicultural cities in which diversity is expressed in a harmonious social fabric without violence