Danilo Aprigliano


Exercises in writing and imagination.

Teaching materials. Here is the outline for a nice writing exercise that will get used (the kids, but not only) to the exercise of the imagination and to the textual organization. On the basis of the information and statements written below, you compose a journalistic reportage in which you pretend to be the special correspondent for a fake film festival

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It happens a little too often - on television, in newspapers, on blogs, on the web, on social media - to attend performances (even quite extreme, at times) in which commentators (almost never improvised, eh!) Hover in a vortex supercazzolista of words and phrases that they aspire to interpret

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Intellectuals annihilated by the power of the media?

The following article is my translation of Les intellectuels anéantis par la puissance des médias? from the blog La République des livres by Pierre Assouline. What, then, is an intellectual? It looks like nothing, this question; it is a real knot about the concept and a debasement of it. The time has passed

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