Danilo Aprigliano

Political projects that look far ahead

A political (or even, simply, electoral) project should not be a program divided into points in which one promises to do this, this, and that. A political project - or a leader who embodies it - should imagine Italy (or even Europe and the world) in the next five, ten, twenty years and develop the steps necessary to get there.

Believing that a politician must list the things he undertakes to do is foolish, as well as short-sighted: we cannot predict all the problems that will be encountered during the administrative process nor the circumstances and contexts. A political project should therefore be more of a methodological approach than a program: don't say "I will do this and this" but "I will work in this way and these will be the principles that will guide me". The person in question, then, should demonstrate that he or she is convincing and capable of managing assembly work such as that of a parliamentary or council majority and that of a council or government.

A credible political project, therefore, is one that thinks big, that looks outward and far into the future. Only this will be able to get us out of the provincialism into which we are increasingly closing ourselves off.