Danilo Aprigliano

What we deserve

To find an answer to why we arrived at the Letta government I would start from the words of Antonio Gramsci: "Some whine pitifully, others swear obscenely, but no one or few ask themselves: if I too had done my duty, if I had tried to assert my will, my advice, would what happened have happened?”. This government, despite everything, is not illegitimate, but perfectly constitutional: it is simply dictated by the way parliament is composed (among other things, I don't even find it that bad, on the contrary!). To find the solution to our problems, I believe we need first of all to change our attitude: not to blame an enemy that doesn't exist, but to rebuild honesty, a sense of duty, a sense of community among citizens and people, leaving narrow-mindedness aside. , individualism, contempt for intellectuals, for taxes, for the State, for the public that has characterized the last decades. Unfortunately, I see a people who, when faced with difficulties, instead of saying "let's roll up our sleeves, let's get busy, let's become better and more capable than others", prefer to say "the fault lies entirely with the politicians: let's get them out and solve everything". I believe that this attitude only causes further social violence and keeps us from addressing the crux of the issue. This "ruling class" (to use a hateful expression) is the one we deserve, the result of our past choices or those who preceded us. Instead of saying that our ruling class is inadequate, we should work to make things improve by asking ourselves if we have done our duty so far.